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Exclusive with Precision OS, An Orthopedic Surgery VR Company

Precision OS is a provider of virtual reality (VR) orthopedic surgical education and pre-operative planning software based in Vancouver, Canada. This software allows for surgeons and trainees to practice simulated medical procedures by providing an immersive and realistic form of deliberate surgical practice that offers critical surgical metrics with haptic feedback. Very recently, the company… Read More »

KLAS: Providers See EHR Vendors Playing Limited Role in Precision Medicine

Many healthcare organizations are moving forward with precision medicine programs, but, so far, there is no single vendor solution covering all areas of precision medicine. With regard to precision medicine technology, many healthcare organization leaders are focused on niche vendors who have the experience and capabilities needed to address the specific challenges inherent in precision… Read More »

Precision med AI application can predict cellular DNA repair

A new report shows how a machine-learning algorithm is able to predict how human and mouse cells respond to DNA breaks induced by CRISPR gene editing technology. The research points toward a potential future where AI could help guide cells’ own natural genetic auto-correction in combination with CRISPR-based therapies that correct mutations by simply cutting… Read More »