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How four promising trends could aid patient matching

The issue of inadequate patient matching and duplicate records has grown increasingly complex as more data is generated and more applications are introduced into the healthcare environment. As the formation of clinically integrated networks and consolidation play a greater role in the business strategy toward accountable care, healthcare organizations must ensure records are correctly tied… Read More »

Military-Specific Augmented Reality Patient Simulation: Interview with Dr. Kevin King, CEO of MedCognition

MedCognition, a Texas-based startup, has been awarded a contract to develop military-specific augmented reality patient simulations for the US army, in conjunction with Chenega Healthcare Services. The technology is based on an existing patient simulator, the PerSim system, which uses Microsoft HoloLens Mixed reality to project simulations of patients into real working environments to allow… Read More »

How healthcare mergers and acquisitions may actually harm patient satisfaction

Mergers and acquisitions have become the norm in healthcare, but they may negatively impact patient satisfaction and the perception of their care, a new study has found. The good news for patients is that clinical quality itself doesn’t seem to be affected one way or another by consolidation. The Rice University Baker Institute of Public… Read More »