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Beyond the Intake Form: Why Coaches Must Do the Work to Know Their Clients

If you’ve been following and writing for Girls Gone Strong these past few years, you’ve noticed an exciting shift in the GGS community’s conversations. Now more than ever before, trainers and enthusiasts are recognizing that women are more than just bodies, and that a truly inclusive approach to fitness means understanding how race, sexuality, sex,… Read More »

Do Crystal Deodorants Work? Here's What to Know About the Latest Craze

Getty ImagesJuice Images Ltd When it comes to avoiding sweat stains and smelling fresh, an antiperspirant-deodorant combo has probably become your best friend. But recently, the men’s grooming aisle has grown to include natural, charcoal, and even crystal deodorants, making it tempting to give up the trusty Speed Stick you’ve been using for years. Advertisement… Read More »