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Want to feel happier? Try including these foods in your diet

It is normal to feel down from time to time. Lost in the stream of daily life and chores, more and more people are admitting they are not happy, but the way to happiness is closer than you think: It is in your fridge! The number of people who complain about being unhappy is increasing,… Read More »

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Intermountain Healthcare-led generic drug venture CivicaRx garners new members including NYU Langone, Memorial Hermann, Oschner

Little more than a year after Intermountain Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, Catholic Health Initiatives and other founding partners established the nonprofit generic drug company Civica Rx, 12 additional health systems have signed on as new founding members. This means that, including the original founding members, Civica Rx now represents nearly 750 participating hospitals. The new members… Read More »

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