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5 Companies That Are Capitalizing On Helping The Poor Get Healthier

For too long many companies have catered to the wealthiest and healthiest consumers – the ones who can afford to pay for organic non-GMO groceries, hire personal trainers and go to the doctor without worrying about insurance co-pays. But these firms are overlooking a potentially big market: the poor who can’t afford healthy food, expensive… Read More »

Migrants to affluent nations may be healthier than the native-born

(Reuters Health) – International migrants who relocate to high-income countries to work, study or join family members are less likely to die prematurely than people born in their new homelands, a research review suggests. For the analysis, researchers examined data from 96 studies with mortality estimates for more than 15.2 million international migrants in 92… Read More »

6 Tips for A Healthier Thanksgiving

Learn 6 ways to maintain optimal health during the holidays. Thanksgiving isn’t ever an easy day for you diet, or your pants. However, if you go into it with a plan you may walk out of grandma’s house a little less stuffed than the Thanksgiving turkey. Not every part of the Thanksgiving meal needs to… Read More »