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A woman's hair extension had to be surgically removed from her face after she was stabbed in the eye

Doctors pull a hair extension out of a woman’s face after it got embedded during a fight with her sister WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: The woman was blinded in the vicious attack  The woman, from near Lagos in Nigeria, was stabbed in the face with glass A shard of the weapon broke off and stuck into… Read More »

Medical News Today: New genetic culprit found for early progressive hair loss

Many people face hair loss, but only a few experience it from as early as childhood. This occurs in a rare hereditary condition called hypotrichosis simplex. Now, finally, researchers have been able to identify the gene responsible for this form of hair loss. One gene may drive the mechanisms behind a rare form of hair… Read More »

Control Hair Fall and Dandruff with Natural Ayurvedic Hair Oil

All person love long shiny beautiful hair but due to environmental changes, pollution, nutrient deficiency, chemical exposure causes hair get damage and it becomes dry frizzy and unmanageable. To control hair fall, dandruff and other hair disorder try Hylix lotion which is the best natural ayurvedic hair oil. Hair fall and dandruff treating products can… Read More »