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The pill has been around since the ’60s — are we finally going to see one for men?

For 60 years, women have had the power to prevent unplanned pregnancy — and the responsibility for contraception was firmly placed on them. From the pill to the coil to the implant and modern fertility apps such as Natural Cycles, dozens of contraceptives have been developed for women, while for men the options have remained… Read More »

Um, Is Ariana Grande Going to Perform With *NSYNC at Coachella Tomorrow Night?

There’s a very real possibility that Ariana Grande will bring *NSYNC onstage during her Coachella performance tomorrow. Ari has been hinting about the collab on Instagram. Coachella is off to a solid start this year, with Selena Gomez making a surprise appearance during DJ Snake’s set last night to perform “Taki Taki” and Orlando Bloom… Read More »

Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ Drug Prices Are Rising Again. Is Someone Going To Do Something About It?

Many drugmakers have announced price increases with the start of the new year. The new Congress wants to do something about that. And even though both Republicans and Democrats want to address the politically potent issue of drug prices, it is unclear what they might be able to agree on. Battle lines are forming between… Read More »