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Shoppers takes page from Big Pharma, sponsors talks for doctors on medical cannabis, which it plans to sell

The pharmaceutical industry has done it for years, officially to educate doctors, unofficially to convince them to prescribe more of their medicines. Now the practice of company-sponsored seminars by specialists known in the drug business as “key opinion leaders” — and criticized as salespeople in disguise – has come to the burgeoning world of medical… Read More »

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Women Can Benefit From Anger Management Too

Everyone gets mad One of many gender-based stereotypes is this: men are angry, and women aren’t, and this could not be further from the truth. Every human being can express anger, and it’s not gender-dependent. The idea that only men get mad is preposterous, and there’s empirical evidence that this concept is false. Signs, when… Read More »

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Health system moves from text-only to AI-powered interactive multimedia radiology reports

The radiology report is the principle work product of the radiologist. Until recently, reports describing findings in imaging studies have been plain, text-only documents. Such reports are increasingly inadequate. The problem “Traditional radiology reports are limited to plain-text in order to simplify the transport of results across information systems,” said Dr. Cree Gaskin, associate chief… Read More »

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