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Cord Blood, Cord Tissue and Placenta Tissue: What Are the Differences?

Not that long ago, when a woman gave birth to a baby, the umbilical cord and placenta were treated as medical waste and discarded. Now, thanks to scientists’ research, new moms can bank their child’s cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue in order to use them to treat serious health conditions in the future,… Read More »

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Here’s What Happens to Your Blood After You Donate It

Health Kaitlyn ChamberlinJan 03 When you visit an American Red Cross site to donate, you’re potentially saving at least three lives—but first, your blood must make a few surprising stops. It goes on ice SOMMAI/Shutterstock The initial needle-poke part of donating blood is easy and typically takes less than 15 minutes. But before your blood… Read More »

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