Keeping Your Family Happy & Healthy in the New Year

By | January 22, 2019

There’s no doubt that your family’s health and happiness is important to you, but the demands of everyday life can sometimes get in the way. As most households lead hectic lives, it can be easy to put convenience over necessity pushing all other concerns to the back burner. Unfortunately, this type of approach only puts those you love at risk for everything from diabetes and heart disease to mental illness and addiction.

Obviously, not wanting this to be the case for your loved ones, there’s no time like the beginning of the year to make a fresh start. Though change can take time when you’re dealing with multiple people, needs, and personalities, these tips will help make the transition towards improved health and happiness a lot easier.

Checkups, Bloodwork, Screenings, and Shots

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for families to visit their doctors on an annual basis for preventative treatment. Annual physicals and blood work can potentially save your lives. It gives your doctor a clear picture on what’s going on with you physically and mentally providing them with an opportunity to ward off major illnesses and diseases or at the very least – treating them before things get out of hand. Make sure that you’ve schedule an appointment for everyone to get checked out (this includes your furry babies).

Pay Attention to Signs

Even the healthiest individuals can run into a health issue on occasion, so, be sure to pay attention to the signs. If you notice, for instance, that your dog is scratching excessively at his ears and whimpering, this could be a sign of ear mites in dogs. If your child seems thirsty all the time, using the restroom more often, or seems to be extremely tired, this could be a sign of diabetes.

Not all illnesses and ailments are easily identifiable, but once you get your family on the right track with their health, it will be easier to tell when something is off. For example, if your spouse starts increasing their alcohol intake, isolating themselves from family events, and seems moody, they could be suffering from addiction and need to find a California treatment center or other location-based rehab facility to overcome their struggles.

Eat Healthy

This is another big one for families. What you eat has a lot to do with how you feel both physically and mentally. When you’re eating junk, fast food, processed foods, fat, salt, and sugar, it tears down your body and your mood. It is imperative to start introducing healthy food choices to your family. Though it won’t be easy to get everyone on board, starting off slow is advised. You can start by replacing popular food choices like chips and pizza with veggie chips and pizza with organic wheat dough and fruit and veggie toppings. Then, begin cutting back on how much you eat out, get rid of all processed foods, and start looking for creative healthy recipes.

Get Up

Keeping Your Family Happy & Healthy in the New Year

Staying active and exercising on a regular basis is also imperative to the health and happiness of your family. If you’re known for lounging around and binge watching tv or playing video games, it’s time to switch things up. Take the dog for a walk and play a few rounds of fetch, go on a nature hike, ride bikes, go rollerskating, or workout alongside workout videos from home. This year, make a decision to make a change in the lives of your family for good. When your spouse, children, and pets are at their healthiest, their happiness follows suit. It may take time to adapt, but incorporating new ideas and taking it one day at a time will eventually warrant positive results.

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